Our flock of Colored Angora Goats is registered and we often have animals for sale. We breed for hardy animals with good personalities and excellent mohair. Our breeding bucks have come from Kid Hollow Farm (Virginia), Gypsy Ridge Farm (Ohio), Persimmon Tree Farm (Pennsylvania) and "Pippin"  from Brigits Farm, Peacham, Vermont, his sire was a Coon Hollow Recessive black buck.     This past November we used "Galileo", a yearling fine fleeced taupe-colored  buck from Catawampus Farm, Maine and "Timothy", a black yearling buck also from Brigits Farm. 

       We bred 6 does this fall and just had a total of 8 kids this spring!  6 does and 2 bucks.  This years kids will be weaned soon and a white buck kid wether will be for sale also.  We have 3 breeding bucks available currently. 

       If you are interested in buying goats, please e-mail us.


The Dillner Hillside Farm is currently a member of the Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association CAGBA and the Vermont Sheep & Goat Association VSGA.


Goats currently for sale


"Prissy's Timothy"  4/12/17  from Brigid's Farm, Peacham, VT        

Timothy is a solid black recessive buck.  

Dam - Priscilla  solid white

Sire - Pan  solid white

Timothy is line bred.  His parents have the same father, Sebastian, a recessive black buck from Coon Hollow Farm, Montana.

He bred 2 does this fall.  Results were 2 black kids with black doe and 1 white kid with white doe.

Timothy is a more open lock dense fleece with very nice luster.  He has grown well and has deep wide body.  He has not been aggressive and lives well with our other buck, Galileo.

Photo July 2019

Available for sale only until the end of July             $500

"Galileo" 2/28/17 from Catawampus Farm, Maine

Solid Taupe

Dam - Ghost  white solid

Sire - TJ Home 06  solid red

Galileo is a very fine uniform fleeced buck.  Tight curls but not as much luster as Timothy.  He bred 4 does this fall. Results: 1 black kid, 1 red kid with red doe, 1 white kid with white doe, 1 red kid with black doe, 1 white kid with black doe.

Galileo has grown more slowly but competes well with Timothy.  He has very close set horns.  A wrapping of Gorilla tape around the narrow space prevents any potential problems when housed with other bucks.  He has not been aggressive and was enthusiastic during the breeding season.

Photo  July 2019

Available for sale only until the end of July                           $500

"Karl Oscar"  3/28/18 from the Dillner Hillside Farm

Solid white

Dam - Blossom solid white

Sire - Wilson solid white

Karl Oscar is an unproven yearling buck.  He has excellent potential. His fleece is fine and dense.  He grew exceptionally well in his first year and has good body conformation.  Karl Oscar has an excellent temperament like his father. 

Photo July 2019

Available for sale until the end of July                                              $500

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