Our flock of Colored Angora Goats is registered and sometimes we have animals for sale. We breed for hardy goats with nice personalities and excellent mohair. Our past breeding bucks have come from Kid Hollow Farm (Virginia), Gypsy Ridge Farm (Ohio), Persimmon Tree Farm (Pennsylvania), Brigits Farm (Vermont) and Catawampus Farm (Maine). 

        This summer we brought in new genetics from Catawampus Farm, Maine, two lovely well - grown black buck kids with soft and uniform fleeces. We bred 6 does and hope to have a nice bunch of kids by mid  April.     

       If you are interested in buying goats, please e-mail us.


The Dillner Hillside Farm is currently a member of the Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association CAGBA and the Vermont Sheep & Goat Association VSGA.



2022 Kids for Sale

Currently we have 5 kids for sale. 

3 males

Johnny Jump Up - Black with white spots    Would make a good herd sire.  

Sweet William - white.      Will be offered as a wether

Joe Pye Weed - red      Could be a wether or offered as breeding buck kid


2 females

currently under evaluation 


Breeding goats are $500 each  wethers $275

Deposits will hold them until they are weaned in August

E-mail us if you are interested. 


Photos are coming soon!

For Sale :  Breeding Trio  SOLD!

Up for consideration: (two) 2 year old white does who are 1/2 sisters

with a 1 year old unrelated black buck.  All CAGBA registered.  

This is a perfect way to start a new colored angora flock and be able to breed this coming fall. These young does have grown well, are very sweet tempered and have nice uniform and lustrous mohair fleeces.  The yearling black buck was purchased last year from Catawampus Farm, Maine and bred 5 older does on the farm this past fall.  We look forward to his first kids arriving soon. He has gorgeous shining mohair and great body conformation. 

Sold only as a group for $1500


"Pickles"  born 5/30/20 solid white    mother is solid white  father is black

"Nickey"  born 3/27/20  solid white   mother is solid black  father is black

"Katahdin" born 3/30/21 solid black      mother is black and father is black

Where to find our farm products:

Must Love Yarn

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2438 Shelburne Rd Suite #2

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2 Sisters Mill & Mercantile

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Joe's Pond Craft Shop  

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Clark House Marketplace

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Sheep & Wool Festival

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