Since I do my own shearing, I can select the optimal time for the best fleeces (length & cleanliness). I handwash most fleeces and do all of the dyeing. The very best mohair is sold as natural  locks or handspun with choice rovings as " lock yarn" . The mills which card my fiber into rovings and make mill-spun yarn are chosen based on their ability to make the exact product I want.


~ Jessica Dillner   

Prewashed Fleeces and Dyed Mohair Locks

Sometimes I have washed mohair fleeces for sale. Since they are already clean, it takes the guess-work out of fleece fineness and how much actual fiber there is to use (some mohair is 30% grease in the raw state).

For some of the nicest fleeces I sell washed and dyed locks by the ounce

Fleeces For Sale

Rovings for spinning & felting

One of my specialities is selecting and combining fleeces of various animals that compliment one another. My kid mohair is blended with fine wool and the best alpaca. Adult mohair with a long wool makes a strong blend for sturdy knitwear. My mid-grade mohair combined with a medium wool is great for lofty yarns.

I also enjoy doing various colorways. Each year I focus on a series of colors (that include naturals) to create unique rovings that compliment each other. These rovings can be used for in a variety of felting projects and knitwear. Since the colorways change periodically, my product is never quite the same.

Roving For Sale

Handspun Yarns

I take the time to handspin the nicest fiber we grow. My favorites to spin are 100% kid mohair lock yarns and yearling mohair locks with my colorway rovings. These are often one-of-a-kind skeins.

Handspun For Sale

Millspun Yarns

Custom-made small batch yarns are special, like the wine from a local vineyard. The fiber I send to these small custom-processing mills is some of the best I have. Well-grown and well-cared for, the wool, mohair, alpaca and angora I use have integrity, resulting in a high quality yarn; definitely a step above "store bought".

Millspun For Sale

Handknits and Other Finished Products

I enjoy bringing the fibers I grow all the way to the finished product. Here is a selection of items I have created from the farm's rovings and yarns.

Finished Products For Sale

Angora Goat Hides

Our angora goats are raised primarily for fiber production. However, on occasion, they are harvested for our own consumption. When this happens, we select the optimal time of year for the most beautiful hides.

Hides For Sale

Where to find our farm products:

Must Love Yarn

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2438 Shelburne Rd Suite #2

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2 Sisters Mill & Mercantile

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Joe's Pond Craft Shop  

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Sheep & Wool Festival

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Animal Barn

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