Angora Goat Hides

Bright White Angora Goat Skin

This is the hide of a 1 1/2 year old male.  The fleece length is 2 1/2  inches long with nice curly locks.  The color is bright white. The skin side measures 26 X 40 inches.  There is one small hole in the center less than 1 inch and a couple of small cuts on the edges.  Weighs  2 lbs 11 oz

Bright white angora goat hide
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Angora Goat Skull

This is the skull of a 7 year old angora doe with a perfect horn set.  This was professionally cleaned by Atlas Skull cleaning company out of Philadelphia.  The jaw is included.  The horn sheaths slide off the bone insert for easier travel and shipping. There are no breaks or lost teeth.  Some teeth are loose which can be glued in if desired.   A very beautiful specimen for display or education.

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